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Living with PDD...

Proventicular Dilatation Disease is fatal. As it stands now, the only option we have to help keep our PDD-infected or exposed birds alive is supportive care. We owe it to our birds to do everything possible to help maintain the best quality of life in this tragic situation.

    What is Living with PDD About?

      It's about:

      • keeping a sterile environment around compromised immune systems.

      • not carrying infections to and from the pet store when we pick up food, or the vet's office when we bring our birds in for testing and treatment.

      • supporting research on various treatments for PDD. Some experimental treatments appear to be helping some PDD-infected birds.

      • supporting ongoing PDD research. There will be no chance for definitive treatment results without this research.

      • supporting reliable means of diagnosis research. This desperately needs to be developed so that we can determine whether treated birds still carry this killer disease

Living with PDD: Individual Stories

    The stories shared here are the sole unedited feelings, thoughts, opinions and insights of loving caregivers who are fighting this disease with their companions and flocks on a daily basis.

  • Meet Chile, living with PDD...

    Published unaltered with permission from John Stuedle, author of the story.
    Read their story

  • Coco the African Grey...

    In November 2003, Coco was diagnosed as a likely victim of PDD. Shortly after this dreadful discovery, Coco's caregiver began keeping a diary detailing their struggle with this tragic disease. Although it only covers a short period of Coco's life (November 2003-March 2004), the diary is a lasting tribute to the patient, enduring love that exists between parrot and caregiver. Read their story

  • Meggie Lost the PDD Battle

    In the earliest stage of this site, Meggie's story was the cornerstone of Living with PDD. Her family's valiant fight against PDD was an inspiration to us all. Though she has left us, her story still sparks hope in our hearts.

    We wish Meggie's family peace, and look forward to the day when a proven cause and a treatment for PDD is found.

    • Please take a moment to visit Meggie's Story and read this brave parrot's story.

Please visit our PDD FAQ for more detailed information about PDD, reviewed by Matthew S. Johnston, VMD, ABVP.

PDD Support and Other Resources

This group is open to all who are dealing with PDD, have dealt with PDD or want to learn more about PDD.

    Living with PDD Support Group - 

    AHN has had many requests to start a support group for owners who have been affected by PDD (Proventricular Dilatation Disease). The Living with PDD group is a place for anyone whose life has been touched by PDD to share their feelings, information and offer support. If you know of someone you'd like to invite to one of these lists, please ask them to contact us.

    We sincerely hope that this group will help fill the need for emotional and practical support.

Information on the Web...

  • Resources for living with PDD

    • Living with PDD - Avian Health Network's support group is open to anyone who is dealing or dealt with PDD. It's also open to those who just want to learn more about PDD or offer support for people whose lives have been touched by PDD.

    • Standard avian screening procedures for introduction into the aviary - Darrel K. Styles, DVM, Hill Country Aviaries LLC

    • PDD Info - published by Ginny Bender: Pamela Clark's advice for keeping your bird's immune system functioning optimally.

Share your Story...

Have a story to tell? Please contact us if you would like to have your story included in "Living with PDD" or on the PDD Memorial Quilt.

PDD touches the lives of companion birds, pet owners, family members, aviculturists, veterinarians
and everyone who enjoys exotic and domestic birds.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all

And sweetest in the Gale is heard
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest Sea
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb of Me.

- Emily Dickinson -

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