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Coins for the Cause

No donation is too small for the StopPDD Challenge!

Just think, if every bird owner were to send a $5 check every month

The concept is simple and fun.

Download a label, print it, and apply it to a jar with tape. If you use packing tape it makes the label water proof too. :-) The jar can be any size that works for you. Some members are using left over prescription bottles, while others are using jars that they were going to recycle. Soak off the label and apply the Coins for the Cause label.

Now place the jars on your desk or counter at home, office, or shop... Ask your veterinary office if they will allow a jar on the front desk. Ask your bird or pet supply store to place a jar by the check out counter. Pass your jar around at club meetings.

Once a month, take the change from your jars and deposit it into your checking account.
          Then send a check to: Avian Health Network, Inc. for StopPDD
                                          3300 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22031


Here are some ideas from "coin collectors"

  • I use store coupons and deposit the money I save into my jar. I now think of my coupons as belonging to the StopPDD campaign.

  • Put a jar in your laundry room. Every time you find money in pockets, into the jar it goes!
  • I clean my purse out once a week and drop all the loose change into my jar.
  • I dont have time to do this, but I want to help. Please set up an automatic monthly pledge reminder for me.
  • Message boards, Vet Offices, Bird Clubs and many other groups are doing Coins for the Cause as a team effort.

Questions? Contact the StopPDD Team

Label to download (PDF and JPEG format)

To download the label

  • To save the image as a PDF image

    - click on the photo
    - This will open a new page with your PDF file loaded. You must have Adobe Acrobat to use this file
    - Save the image as a PDF image and print

  • To save the image as a JPEG image if you are using a Windows PC:
    - Place your cursor over the image and click with the RIGHT mouse button
    - Scroll down the pop up menu that appears and select [Save Image As]

  • To save the image as a JPEG image f you are using a Macintosh computer:

    - While pointing over the image that you want to save
    - hold down the mouse button for a second or two
    - select [Save This Image As] from the pop-up menu that appears
"Coins for the Cause" jar label where money is to be collected monthly...

"Coins for the Cause" jar label for an event...

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