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Making StopPDD Work...

We can help Stop PDD by working together...

  • Every avian interest shares the common goals of controlling and eventually eradicating PDD.
  • Parrot companions, avian interest groups and clubs, aviculturists, sanctuaries and rescue organizations, conservationists, avian health specialists and veterinary practitioners and clinical researchers are all on the front lines in the battle against PDD.

"The most important members of our group have been members of bird clubs, aviculturists and veterinarians who have provided us with the financial support we need to complete our work". - Dr. Branson W. Ritchie
Emerging Diseases Research Group, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

  • It was individual donations, grass-root and more formal fundraising efforts that helped Dr. Ritchie's research team develop the means for controlling another deadly viral killer, PBFD. Now, we are doing the same for PDD.

  • Many have invested in research by spending tax-exempt dollars to help fund PDD research.
    Others have donated prizes for drawings like the "
    Grey Poop-on Challenge"

  • Why Support Avian Health Networks StopPDD Challenge?

Every little bit helps...

Participate in our fundraisers throughout the year.

Your support goes much deeper than your wallets...

What if you'd like to help support research, but don't have cash to spare?

There are other ways to help
  • You can educate yourself

    • Continue to visit our website for updates, education, news, and opportunities.

    • Download our educational brochures.

  • You can talk

    • You can let people know about the deadly disease PDD and how the StopPDD campaign is working to support PDD research.

    • You can share your own experiences with PDD and offer support to others who are facing this deadly disease.

  • You can donate your time and volunteer to help AHN

    • Join the Quilting Birds & help on the annual charity quilt
    • Take the Coins for the Cause Challenge
    • Contact AHN to host an Event
    • Get involved in our fundraising activities (see above).
    • Work with our bird club committee on special programs and activities
    • Staff information booths at trade shows, fairs, and bird marts
    • Make suggestions for future events
    • Download and print out educational brochures and give them to your local pet stores, vets, animal rescue organizations, etc.
    • If you or a friend of yours has a website, please feel free to put one of our banners on your site to help educate people about PDD.

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