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The Solution... Research

Research is Collaborative

    Research is not advanced by a single scientist or research team working in isolation -- it advances by the combined discussion and results of all concerned parties. Simply put, research is a collaborative effort. Research into the cause and control of the disease feeds the research into treatment methods, and vice versa. Veterinary practitioners provide evidence to research teams, and in turn depend on research to help avian companions and breeders whose birds and flocks are affected.

    Laypeople assist the doctors, scientists and each other by sharing information about their experiences with this PDD. Sharing conclusive and interim results and experience is the purpose of published papers, conferences and proceedings reports, and other networking (e.g., Internet-based discussion and information sharing, virtual conferencing) among concerned parties.

    "These types of partnerships with other universities, veterinarians, aviculturists and pet owners have resulted in successfully fighting diseases that once were unbeatable." - Angela Davids - "A Look at Aviculture Yesterday and Today". BIRDTALK 20:6 (August 2002), p. 33.

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